P. Jason Fox

About Adam

Adam Holzrichter is a narrative and figurative painter. 

While he is a Chicago area native, he spent the bigger part of the last decade surveying American culture by traveling and living across both coasts. Largely this began as an effort to subvert a suburban-midwest-Jehovah's Witness upbringing's influence over his ideas of morality, love, and human behavior. 

Adam approaches painting with an eye turned toward the best masterworks of the ages, and another fixed on his personal experiences. He attended the American Academy of Art for fine art painting and illustration. He recently completed traditional apprenticeships with regular Juxtapoz Magazine contributor, David Molesky, and the  legendary Norwegian painter, Odd Nerdrum

Adam paints primarily from life to wind up somewhere between direct representation and fantasy. Themes aim to elicit human emotion from viewers using scenes of intense drama, often based in various myths of the world.